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Insurance Services

Analysis of life insurance needs

An aspect of overall financial well-being includes the proper amount of life insurance.  Having the protection of life insurance provides coverage for two basic financial needs: income replacement and estate planning for high net worth individuals.  Our associates compare policies offered by the major carriers, and we analyze the type of insurance best suited for you. 

Selecting the right policy

What determines the type of life insurance policy our clients should invest in?  Should you buy term life, whole life, or universal life?  A Certified Public Accountant, your Trusted Professional, analyzes your overall financial picture to determine the best policy to fit your needs.

Long term disability needs

What would happen if you are married, have children, a mortgage, car payments, etc, and you become injured and unable to work for a period of time, or permanently?  How would the bills get paid?  Long term disability insurance provides the protection needed in the event of wages lost due to a disabling event.  We can help you find the policy that best protects you from catastrophic loss of income.

Selecting a health insurance policy

Shopping for a health insurance policy from the new exchanges is daunting for many people.  Our associates can do the shopping for you to help you select the best policy to cover yourself, your family, and your employees.


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