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Quickbooks and Bill Paying


Simplifying your back office needs with Quickbooks set up

Many small business owners are lost in a sea of paperwork, leaving their accounting needs for last as they are too busy selling and meeting customer demands to pay attention to recording their transactions. We can help. We have worked with our clients on Quickbooks for over 30 years.

Onsite or remote monitoring of your accounting program
  • We will set up your accounting program on your computer, or

  • Maintain your records in our office, by

  • Downloading your transactions from your bank, or

  • Receiving your information by regular mail, fax, or e-mail,

  • On a monthly or quarterly basis.

Pay your bills manually or remotely

Bill paying is a necessity for every business and individual.  Organizing the accounts payable is daunting for many, and we can take this burden off your hands.  Focus on selling, we will handle the back office.

Set up your payroll

The payroll process is one of the administrative headaches of owning a business.  Payroll is a fiduciary responsibility which means you collect taxes from your employees and must remit them to IRS and the state.  We will take the burden off your hands and set you up with our payroll associates which will allow you to focus on running your business.  Call or email us today for more information.



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